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A tangible reminder of special moments of Love

You have an eye for beauty and enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful things. You appreciate craftsmanship, art, and design. Welcome; you’ve come to the right place at Marie-Bénédicte!

Marie-Bénédicte has a passion for beautiful materials. And passion for unique gemstones and special pearls that she transforms into timeless wearable works of art; jewellery that can be passed on from generation to generation. For Marie-Bénédicte, jewellery are emotionally charged beauties with a story attached each time.

Are you ready to transform your precious memories into precious tangible pieces? Perhaps you have cherished family jewellery lying forgotten in a drawer, or you have a valuable gemstone with sentimental value that you would like to turn into a contemporary jewellery design. Look no further; it's all possible!

In her boutique , Marie-Bénédicte also has a beautiful collection of gemstones and pearls that you can choose from to have incorporated into your jewelry. She will lovingly and happily help you choose a beautiful design and is happy to share her passion for this beautiful craft with you.



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